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Carpet Cleaning Services

If you see that your rug needs some extra care, we’re prepared to use a pretreatment technique on difficult spots, stains and other unsightly areas. Then, as a way to protect your rug well into the future, we apply a specially designed stain-resistant coating to help make sure that it stays clean for as long a possible.

Before beginning, our carpet specialists will thoroughly inspect your home to locate spots, stains, and problem areas that may require additional attention. This pre-cleaning inspection is important because not all stains are created equal. Though our technicians are the best, there are still some permanent stains that even professional cleaning can’t correct. We locate these spots and inform you ahead of time so you aren’t left surprised and dissatisfied.

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Pretreatment & Spot Removal

Some stains will become permanent if they aren’t dealt with promptly. Those tough carpet stains won’t stand anything even remotely resembling a chance once Steam King goes through a series of pretreatment and spot removal techniques on them.

Sanitization and Deodorization

The specific type of virus that causes the stomach flu can survive in an unclean carpet for more than a month under the proper conditions. This is one of the many, many reasons why a proper sanitization is so important. This is especially true if you have small children in your family who have a great deal of fun playing on the floor on a regular basis. If you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell on your carpet that has only gotten worse over time, the technicians at Steam King have what it takes to treat that area and get it smelling as good as new again.

Protecting Your Carpets

Carpeting is a huge investment and, if possible, you likely don’t want to have to repair or replace your carpet every few years. While it’s true that most new carpet comes treated from the factory with a specially designed type of carpet protector, this protection will definitely begin to wear off over time. When our service technicians at Steam King reapply the protection, we’ll be able to protect the beauty, color and overall lifespan of your carpeting. Reapplying this protection every so often will also give you much needed additional time to treat any spills on your own before they turn into stains.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

The upholstery in your home can also become heavy with ground in dirt the same way your carpets can. Even sitting on a couch or chair can embed dirt into the fibers in a way that conventional cleaning just won’t take care of. If you have pets, pet dander and other allergens will make a home for themselves inside your upholstery before you even realize that you have a problem.

Our professional cleaning services will protect those items so that you don’t have to worry about them. Our talented and trained professional technicians at Steam King are knowledgeable in difficult to clean materials that include but are not limited to cotton, synthetic fabrics, wool, silk and more.

Pretreatment & Spot Removal

Just as you want to use pretreatment and spot removal techniques with carpeting, you want to do the same thing with the upholstery in your home. You can get rid of those tough stains and make your upholstery look like new again before anything from spilled wine to leaked ink has a chance to sink in and do some real damage.

Sanitization & Deodorization

Spilled items are unfortunately a way of life, regardless of how careful you are. With the proper treatments, the technicians at Steam King can eliminate stains caused by things like sour milk, urine, pets, feces and more. Our treatments are designed to fully digest organic matter to eliminate those smells and get your important items looking clean again as efficiently as possible.

Protect Your Upholstery

The fabric protector that comes on a new piece of furniture will definitely wear off over time. By treating your upholstery you can protect the beauty and color and extend the lifespan for as long as possible.

Area Rug Cleaning Services

One of the great things about a nice area rug is that it can really bring the room together. It can also unfortunately be the victim of larger than average foot traffic.

Through Steam King’s extensive cleaning process, you can protect the life of your rug like you never thought possible. We’re prepared to carefully take care of all types of rugs, including area and Oriental rugs. Our specially trained technicians at Steam King are certified in the types of cleaning processes that are necessary for just these types of situations

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